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24 Jun 2024 - Watchdoc



How can IT teams be freed from the constraints of print management?



We released a press release on June 18th, here it is:

Lille, June 18, 2024.

Doxense, the leading French software publisher for print and scan management, understands better than anyone the challenges organizations face in managing printing. The company offers a solution, Watchdoc, that provides time savings, security, cost reduction, and a lower carbon footprint. Aurélien Mathelot, a salesperson at Doxense, shares his expertise on the matter.

Invited to speak at the coTer numérique, which took place on June 4 and 5, 2024, in La Rochelle, Doxense generated great interest among professionals with its workshop "Free Your IT Teams from Printing Management Constraints." This was an opportunity to highlight major issues in print management that affect various roles:

  • The time spent by the IT department on print management;
  • The lack of security, with 61% of organizations reporting security breaches related to print management (according to Quocirca, an analysis and research company);
  • Cloud print management, towards which 73% of organizations wish to evolve, but only 8% have adopted due to various constraints;
  • Sustainability, increasingly concerning, as even today, 20% of prints are never read, and 15% are discarded after the first reading.

These are all major issues addressed by Doxense, whose solutions, such as Watchdoc, offer the ability to automate recurring tasks and print policy recommendations, ensure system performance and security, and reduce the environmental impact of organizations.


Drawing on its market expertise, Doxense launched its own print management software, Watchdoc, in 1998. This solution, with its newly released version 6.1, integrates all the technological and functional components professionals need to overcome print management challenges. Among other features, Watchdoc emphasizes automation to save time for its users. For example, the receipt of statistics related to print equipment can be automated, allowing for incident anticipation and preventing downtime.

Watchdoc also addresses other essential issues, particularly security. User workstations can be secured through authentication and protocols used to encrypt the print chain end-to-end. In terms of cloud hosting, Doxense develops a hybrid architecture, offering organizations more flexibility, performance, and security. On the environmental front, Doxense uniquely provides a simulator to identify savings that could be achieved based on the application of specific print policies, based on organizational statistics.


Already deployed to over 2 million French users, Watchdoc has attracted organizations across all sectors, including public entities, which make up a little over half of Doxense's clients. Among them, the Lille-based company supports a major French metropolis, which in 4 years reduced its total print volume by 19%, and even halved its color print volume!

Meanwhile, users have also been offered more services: secure print release, printing from mobile phones or home, mail-to-print setup, enhanced security (even without VPN), etc. This further optimizes print management... while benefiting the planet, as the project led by the community has prevented the cutting down of 2,000 trees annually.

About Doxense:

Founded in 2005, Doxense is a leading French publisher of print and scan management solutions, in France and internationally. The company, based in Lille (Hauts-de-France), is chaired by Giovanni Giusti, managed by Vincent Lemaire, and driven by a team of 36 employees. It helps large companies face the complex challenges of print management with solutions combining economic performance, security, and sustainability.

Doxense offers two reference software products: Watchdoc and Focalist. Watchdoc, dedicated to print and scan management, is used by over 2 million users. Focalist is intended for print fleet management with 37,000 managed devices.

Doxense serves a diverse range of clients, from large public accounts (hospitals, communities) to large private accounts (such as Orange, Auchan, Metro). Doxense's software is distributed through a solid network of over 60 partners, mainly renowned manufacturers like Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Ricoh, etc.

One of Doxense's strengths lies in mastering print ecosystems, from the initial project planning and management to deployment within sometimes very complex environments. Doxense's technologies and expertise rest on three pillars: providing relevant and sustainable functionalities addressing organizational challenges, ensuring the accuracy of collected and reported data, and placing security at the center of all innovation.

Press Contact:
Elisabeth Hutin-Baillot
06 95 64 27 21



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