Our CSR commitment

Doxense is committed to a CSR approach and supports its customers on the environmental aspect of their commitment.
This will is part of the company's 2030 vision "Together let's build a sustainable document intelligence".

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Our CSR commitment

Workplace well-being and participative management

We are convinced that happy, healthy and motivated employees are an asset for the company and for society as a whole. This is why we have implemented measures to improve the working environment of our employees, creating a serene and comfortable environment: "like at home".

Through our "Compere" (Commitment and Perennity) program, we encourage employees to be actors of change. This program allows them to benefit from a profit-sharing scheme.

Participation in the local market

We value collaborations with local actors in our different projects.

Social responsibility

We are involved in volunteer programs and charities. In particular, we support the associative initiatives of our employees.

Environment and responsible innovation

We are implementing measures to reduce our carbon footprint: reducing paper waste, controlling our energy consumption, recycling, promoting soft mobility, etc.

In addition, we are developing innovative technological solutions that meet the needs of companies while minimizing the negative impact on the environment and society.

A reasoned management of printing

Our solutions allow to limit unnecessary printing and thus reduce paper waste by at least 20%. This will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint, as paper production has a considerable impact on the environment.

Reduction of energy consumption

We accompany you in the analysis of your printers in order to identify and reduce the sources of excessive electricity consumption.

Employee awareness

We provide you with communication tools to inform and raise the awareness of your employees on how to reduce their environmental impact through a more rational management of printing.

Cost reduction

A more rational use of printing will also allow you to reduce the associated costs by at least 20%.

Supporting our clients in their approach