About Doxense

Our mission

We offer multi-brand and independent software to manage documents (scanning, archiving and printing) in companies.

Our philosophy

Doxense's software offerings are built on three fundamental pillars: providing relevant and sustainable functionality that addresses our customers' challenges, ensuring that the data we collect and report is accurate, and placing security at the centre of everything we do.


Our 2030 Vision

Together, let's build a sustainable document intelligence
2018 marks the beginning of a new era for Doxense with the launch of an ambitious workshop program allowing each of its employees to express themselves and build the company's long-term Vision.

The 5 commandments of the Doxmen and Doxwomen :

  1. We accept to contribute to the life of our company.
  2. While being connected to a whole, we act and make decisions independently.
  3. We question and help the organization to evolve.
  4. We lead and support change.
  5. We identify problems and propose solutions.

Being a Doxman or Doxwoman is not a succession of management acts, it is accepting a certain philosophy of life in the company. Whatever the contribution to the business, seeing, understanding, targeting, deciding and acting are the five steps of a common process.

Some key figures

+ 60
1 000
17 000
print servers
250 000
printing devices
2 000 000
- 20 %
of waste