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Simplify the management of your print fleet

Focalist, a cloud-based solution, allows you to manage your entire print fleet (printers and multifunction devices). You can manage your installed base, device availability and costs through a single, easy-to-use web interface.

Focalist | End-of-life consumables

Manage your consumables until end of life

  • Proactive management of consumables based on historical usage
  • Just-in-time replacement of consumables at end of life
Focalist | End-of-life consumables

Automatics ordering

  • Consumables catalog with supplier references
  • Management of consumables and spare parts
  • Automatic ordering with customisable thresholds
  • Routing of orders to different suppliers according to a choice of criteria
  • Personalised order forms
  • Management of replenishment of local stocks
Focalist | End-of-life consumables

Routing of relevant alerts to the technician

  • Customisable notifications for different types of events
  • The partner has a dedicated portal allowing him to monitor all his customers
  • Filtering of alerts by severity and keywords
Focalist | Dashboard

Predictive management of consumables until end-of-life

  • Order thresholds expressed in days remaining
  • Take into account seasonal variations
  • No more over-anticipated orders for devices that print little
  • Optimal choice of consumable (supplier, capacity)
Interface de scan et d'impression

Fine tuning of thresholds according to the type of consumable and for the most used devices

Interface de scan et d'impression

Local stock replenishment mode and installation instructions

  • Thresholds differentiated between order and installation allowing the use of a local stock
Focalist | Automatic Inventory

Automatic inventory of your fleet

  • Discovery of connected devices
  • Support for personal printers connected by USB
  • One or more silent agents to be installed at the customer's site
  • Automatic assignment of devices to different sites
  • Tracking of device movements
Focalist | Dashboard


  • Creation of operational and customizable dashboards
Focalist | Dashboard

Detailed reports on the historical changes of the consumables

Detection of cost variances :

  • Consumables replaced too early
  • Consumable permutations between printers
  • Abnormal toner coverage rates
  • Blocking of suspect orders
  • Justification of manual orders
  • Tracking from delivery to consumable installation
Focalist | Dashboard

Easy creation of customizable reports

  • Powerful tool for custom report creation and scheduled distribution
  • Reports in the form of lists, pivot tables or different types of graphs
  • Integration of different reports in dashboards

The benefits of Focalist

  • Increase the availability of your print fleet and user satisfaction
  • Reduce usage costs by managing closely your consumables
  • Optimize the fleet by tracking the real usage of equipment and their options
Why choose Doxense ?

Keypoint Intelligence Analysis:

Focalist is rewarded by Keypoint Intelligence for its simplicity of use and its ability to provide the essential and robust functions that a manager has the right to expect from an editor such as Doxense, both for networked and USB-connected equipment: management of printing device fleets, tracking of alerts, monitoring of consumable levels and orders, reporting, billing, etc.

Focalist was awarded the Buyers Lab (BLI) Pick Award from Keypoint Intelligence.

Watchdoc | BLI Pick Award


Focalist receives a very nice Buyers Lab (BLI) Pick Award from Keypoint Intelligence.

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Yes, Focalist allows you to get an overview of your printing fleet: the number of devices, their condition, the levels of consumables, the brand, the year they were installed, etc...

Yes, the Focalist agent can detect all devices, including USB ones !

Yes, Focalist is hosted on the cloud.

Our customers' data are hosted in France.

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