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Thursday, February 15th, we released a press release. Here it is

Doxense unveils Watchdoc V6 :

A major update to break free from document management constraints and promote eco-responsible printing practices.

15022024 - Lille - Doxense, the leading French publisher of printing and scanning management software, providing solutions to large public or private accounts through manufacturer partners, announces the launch of the new version of Watchdoc, a benchmark solution for print management. Watchdoc version 6 represents a significant advancement in print management, greatly reducing constraints for administrators and users, enabling more mobility, and simplifying the management of remote sites. Furthermore, Watchdoc V6 continues its initial goal: to assist organizations in implementing more responsible and sustainable printing policies.

Watchdoc, the iconic printing solution

Established in 1998, Watchdoc is a print management software that enables businesses to simplify, secure, and regulate their operations. Through environmental data and print policies, companies can modify user behavior and encourage eco-responsible habits. Adopted by over 2 million users in France to date, the software is recognized for two specific features:

Proactive and Predictive Cost Management. The software allows advanced and predictive management of printing costs with its comprehensive features: detailed tracking of print fleet usage, in-depth accounting, improved budget control, and strategic management of print policies, whether recommended or enforced. Statistical analyses and personalized reports support more informed decision-making.

Waste Reduction. The software rethinks printer usage to minimize or even eliminate waste through the implementation of print rules.

The flagship innovation of Watchdoc V6: the 'Watchdoc Print Client' module

The major innovation of Watchdoc V6 resides in its 'Watchdoc Print Client' (WPC) module, installed on the end user's workstation. This module simplifies access to printing tasks: easily deployable thanks to the technical infrastructure it relies on, WPC facilitates the recognition of available printing devices in a predefined location, and consequently, enables printing from workstations integrated into this environment.





Print anywhere, anytime, and instantly.

High availability of documents and mobility - The user no longer needs to wonder which printer to send their document to or worry about device installation: a universal and secure print queue is automatically installed.

Mobility - Watchdoc Print Client automatically determines the user's location to redirect prints and allows them to release their document on the nearest printer.

For administrators, a significant simplification of installations.





Spending hours installing printers on hundreds of user workstations across different sites and having to start over whenever a new printer arrives: that's over!

A major simplification of installation (with WPC)
The software installation provides administrators with a significant time-saving. Once deployed on user workstations, whether under Windows or Chrome OS, the WPC client takes care of the entire printing process.

Streamlined management of locations and remote sites
Locations allow for the management of the location of printing devices, users, and servers. Ideal for simplifying management in a multi-site context.

Automatic deployment of drivers and multifunction devices
As soon as a new Watchdoc server joins the domain, it automatically receives the drivers. Once the models are configured, mass deployments can take place and automate deployments on new multifunction devices.

Enhanced security
Users authenticate securely using different methods (based on the directory): Entra ID (Azure AD), Active Directory, LDAP, guest accounts. The spool transfer to the nearest Watchdoc instance is secured by a certificate and encrypted.

A fresh look for the supervision console
In addition to technical innovations, Watchdoc version 6 has received a makeover: from the authentication page to the menu interfaces of the supervision console, interaction with the software is more engaging and user-friendly.

Vincent Lemaire, CEO of Doxense, declares, "Watchdoc V6 represents a major advancement in printer fleet management towards more conscious print management and sustainable print policies. On a daily basis, the new version of our software significantly lightens administrative burdens related to document management and provides considerable time savings for administrators and users. Thus, organizations can refocus on their core activities."


Doxense Mastering the challenges of Printing

Founded in 2005, Doxense is a major French publisher of print and scanning management solutions, both in France and internationally. The company, based in Lille (Hauts-de-France), chaired by Giovanni Giusti, led by Vincent Lemaire, and driven by a team of 36 collaborators, helps large enterprises face the complex challenges of print management with solutions combining economic performance, security, and sustainable development.

Doxense offers two reference software: Watchdoc and Focalist. Watchdoc, dedicated to print and scanning management, is used by over 2 million users. Focalist is intended for print fleet management with 37,000 managed devices.

Doxense serves a varied clientele, from large public entities (hospitals, municipalities) to private enterprises (such as Orange, Auchan, Metro).

Doxense software is distributed through a strong network of over 60 partners, mainly renowned manufacturers such as Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Ricoh, etc.

One of Doxense's strengths lies in mastering print ecosystems, from the initial project ideation and management to deployment in sometimes very complex environments.

Doxense's technologies and expertise are based on three pillars: providing relevant and sustainable features that address organizational challenges, ensuring that collected and reported data are accurate, and placing security at the center of all innovation.

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