Doxsa allies with Open Bee

18 Jan 2024 - Corporate Life

Press Release from Doxsa

Lille and Annecy, December 14, 2023

New collaboration in the document market. On November 30, 2023, Doxsa sold its stake to Sages Informatique. Doxsa has partnered with Open Bee to build a lasting collaboration in the document market.

About Open Bee

Based in Annecy and founded by Marc Balleydier, Open Bee emerged with the aim of providing SMEs and organizations across various sectors with software solutions for information management, eliminating the use of paper in favor of digital communication. The technology developed by Open Bee draws inspiration from the systematic and collective functioning of a beehive, reflected in its bee-shaped logo. Through multiple channels, information is gathered and centralized in a single point, where automated processes handle sorting, categorizing, processing, validating, sharing, signing, all in a secure manner in compliance with ISO 27001 and GDPR standards.

In 2004, the Open Bee brand was established, and the first solution was launched in the French market, allowing users to index and classify scanned paper documents directly from the touchscreen of a multifunction device. In 2008, the company Open Bee was founded, along with its comprehensive platform for electronic document management and process automation, now incorporating over 500 features. Open Bee caters to a diverse range of clients, adapting to various needs from SMEs to large enterprises, both in France and internationally. The global Open Bee platform is available in 12 languages and boasts a team of around a hundred dedicated collaborators supporting a network of distributor partners, serving over 250,000 users.

About Doxense

Founded in 2005, Doxense is a major French publisher of print and scanning management solutions, both in France and internationally. The company, based in Lille, and led by President Giovanni Giusti, Managing Director Vincent Lemaire, and a team of 36 employees, supports large enterprises in addressing the complex challenges of print management with solutions that combine economic performance, security, and sustainability.

Doxense offers two flagship software products: Watchdoc and Focalist. Watchdoc, dedicated to print and scanning management, is used by over 2 million users.

Focalist is designed for print fleet management, overseeing 37,000 managed devices.

Doxense serves a diverse range of clients, from major public entities (hospitals, local authorities) to private corporations (Orange, Auchan, Metro).

Doxense's software is distributed through a robust network of over 60 partners, primarily well-known manufacturers such as Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Ricoh, etc.

One of Doxense's strengths lies in mastering print ecosystems, from the initial project conception and management to deployment within sometimes highly complex environments.

Doxense's technologies and expertise are based on three pillars: providing relevant and sustainable features that address organizational challenges, ensuring that collected and reported data is accurate, and placing security at the core of every innovation.

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