Doxense Product offering is rewarded by the reference organization Keypoint Intelligence.

Date: 17/11/2021

DOXENSE, the number 1 French editor specialized in intelligent print management and committed to sustainable development, is proud to announce that Watchdoc, its flagship print management software, and Focalist, its fleet and print systems management tool, have received two very exciting Buyers Lab (BLI) Pick Award distinctions from Keypoint Intelligence.

We are a committed French software publisher with an International presence, that since 2008 have been developing an eco-responsible software portfolio, enabling companies and users using printing systems to preserve the environment and sustainably reduce their carbon footprint. Doxense’s approach and determination has allowed up to today (COP21) and will allow tomorrow (COP26 and beyond) users to engage in an intelligent, committed and sustainable management of their document flow and production.