2019 Feature : The Savings Estimator

17 Sep 2019 - Watchdoc

2019 Feature : The Savings Estimator

One of Doxense customers’ main motivations for choosing Watchdoc® is its ability to generate substantial savings. Indeed, its reports and statistical reports are valuable analytical tools to help administrators optimize their resources related to printing and management control. Even the Purchasing departments may use it, so they can anticipate and monitor their budgets.

From now on, our customers will now be able to estimate the savings that they could achieve thanks to the application of a specific printing policy based on their existing data. This will be enough to apply tariffs and criteria of transformation of spools (simple print jobs) and to measure the gains they could potentially achieve.

Of course, the best printing policy will be one that saves money whilst providing a quality of service and availability of print media to the users. This simulator therefore makes it possible to make the judicious and efficient choices.

Just update your Watchdoc license to benefit from this new feature for free !

Savings estimator : Admin interface
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