Introduction and advantages

The print management and optimisation solution Watchdoc is recognised on the market for its many assets.
  • A non-intrusive tool in your existing infrastructure!
  • A unique monitoring management tool on the market!
  • An unparalleled ergonomics
Developed using the latest Microsoft technologies, it assures a simplified integration which is non-intrusive on the clients infrastructure. With Watchdoc and its unique assets, implement an environmentally responsible printing policy !


  • A real-time audit and detailed analysis of your mono printing activity or multi-sites (who is printing what, on which device, when and at what cost).
  • A 100% web based interface.
  • Redirection of prints to the device most suitable
  • Automatic release of your work on the printing device of your choice with your card or PIN code.
  • Centralised management of your fleet even if the printing devices are geographically remote.
  • Easily deploy and manage a print policy through the establishment of rules and filters (demand analysis, redirection and deletion on request)!

Follow your printing and copying costs more accurately by adding the cost of paper and the energy cost of the devices into the global cost


Watchdoc is also:

  • The availability of reports and print statistics.
  • Manages quotas and re-invoicing.
  • Tracks the printouts made on your local printers (Parallel, USB, IP direct) and counts precisely the number of prints on your network printers.
  • Management of guest accounts Watchdoc facilitates access to multifunction devices to unregistered users (external service providers, guests)! Through the creation of a guest database which is independent from the AD directory, these users can access the full functionality of multifunction (print-scan and fax).


Print from any mobile device and receive your printouts securely from the closest multifunction in the vicinity - Submission by email on virtual queues

Main module features:

  • Secure recovery of works on a local device
  • Management of guest accounts 
  • Statistics of uses
  • Print on demand

From a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet or any other mobile device!


 WATCHDOC SCANCARE - Capture of documents

Transform your MFP into an input device: scan, organise, measure and manage your scans instantly.Doxense created for you Watchdoc ScanCare!

Main features of the module:

  • Scan to E-mail
  • Scan to Folder
  • Scan to personal account
  • Scan to FTP
  • Improved image
  • Text recognition
  • Indexing



Solution advantages

  1. point 01

    Real-time audit and then detailed analysis of your printing activity

  2. point 01

    A saving of 20 to 30% on your direct costs

  3. point 01

    Protect the environment by reducing unnecessary printing

point 04

Step 1: Count

Identify the volumes, the type of printing, the applications or the devices used and the devices availability. Watchdoc goes further by offering you the indicators concerning the service quality provided to your users.

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Step 5: Manage

Centralised monitoring for your entire facility even if the printing devices. Watchdoc monitoring tool is unique in that it also makes sure that the print servers are functionning!

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Step 2: Analyse

The right device at the right place is the balance between the user' needs, the uses and the expectations for printing and copying.

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Step 6: Control

Track your printing and copying expenses in real time, with the related environmental impact.

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Step 3: Streamline

Apply a multi-site printing policy by setting specific operating rules which are balanced between cost and the service quality rendered to the user.

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Step 7: Build up accountability

Dedicated interface per user or per service with ecological data and custom uses reporting.

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Step 4: Secure

Secure Printing system by badge or authentification by personal access codes. 


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