FocalistInstalled bases and contracts management

Introduction and advantages

With the launch of Focalist, Doxense meets the needs of its partners who wish to manage their customers installed base, covering four critical points:

  • Precise inventory updated in real time of their installed base regardless of the manufacturer,
  • Detailed reporting of the printed volumes with the consolidation of real device meter readings,
  • Improved availability of printing devices along with the monitoring of consumable levels,
  • Management of your contracts linked to your devices (acquisition or selling).

Via a simple internet connection customers can monitor the printing of their installed base, as well as different page billing contracts, discovering automatically the connected devices and benefiting from advanced reporting.

Partners can manage from a web link, all page billing contracts operated with their customers, regardless of the brand of device, size or architecture in place. Supply and delivery of consumables at the right time, will be facilitated.

Focalist is an innovative offering that aims to be simple in its implementation and management. It requires no print server, only a data collection agent and signing a contract with Doxense is sufficient for the implementation of SaaS software.



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