Zeendoc is a cloud-based solution to help store, automatically index, integrate, search, retrieve and share information across your organization.
Zeendoc’s cloud-based architecture ensures that your electronic documents are secure, ease-to-access and highly available.

Key features

Document Management

  • Document capture, archive, search, retrieve and share
  • Automatic indexing, document classification and data extraction
  • Direct integration into popular software packages


  • Web-based design gives instant browser access to documents
  • Supports electronic and paper-based documents, email and attachments
  • Full mobile support – view your documents anytime, anywhere


  • Complete document access and routing control
  • Document collaboration: sharing, comments, reminders and workflow
  • Document archiving formats for long-term compatibility


  • SSL secure communications and AES encrypted data
  • Geographically mirrored data centers
  • Full document history and traceability


  • Automate document classification and indexing
  • Automatically extract data from your documents
  • Integrate extracted data into other software solutions
For more information, please visit our dedicated Zeendoc website