Every enterprise customer environment is different; therefore, the enterprise requirements are also different. Watchdoc is designed so that key features can be seamlessly added to the base Print Management solution to solve your specific needs. Options include MFP scanning and mobile printing capabilities plus advanced administration and embedded MFP features.

Watchdoc Embedded Solutions

Watchdoc Embedded Solutions are embedded are embedded applications that reside on your MFPs. WES allows your end-users to interact directly with the MFP to inspect, delete, or release print jobs, all under the control of Watchdoc.

Additionally, WES has page savings features (delete specific pages, select duplex, and to select monochrome printing) that help your users save money. Finally, WES provides the same user experience across all major manufacturer’s MFPs – your users learn only a single interface across your fleet of devices.

Watchdoc Reporting Services

Watchdoc provides out of the box reports on the basic printing and copying profile of your entire enterprise.

Watchdoc Reporting Services provides a more detailed analysis of the wealth of information collected by Watchdoc. WRS provides over twenty pre-configured reports with a detailed analysis of the printing and copying activity and trends. These reports can be regularly generated, emailed to users or integrated into your enterprise intranet.

Watchdoc Supervision Console

Watchdoc Supervision Console is a browser-based console that allows the system administrator to manage a multi-server Watchdoc installation in a complex, enterprise network. WSC is a central control point, with real-time monitoring and configuration of all your Watchdoc servers for easy management on a daily basis.

Mobile Printing

SkyPrint allows your users to print from their mobile devices and securely release and track their print-jobs, all under the control of Watchdoc.

Document Capture

ScanCare transforms your MFP into a hard-copy input device. It allows you to scan, organize, index, and manage your images instantly.