Our business

The Doxense mission is to help its customers to achieve their productivity and profitability objectives through an optimal use of all printing, copying and scanning resources:
  • HW equipment and especially consumables are expensive. These costs must be accurately controlled and forecasted in order to incorporate them into projected budgets and prepare their amortisation.
  • Print demand must be identified and the most appropriate and economical HW resource must be planned accordingly.
  • Users waste plenty of time when the printing networks are not well organised due to waiting times, incidents, and generating multiple document versions in error.
Our vision is to be recognised by the market as one of the world's number one print management software. Doxense's values ​​are cost reduction and increased productivity for the benefit of its customers.   Watchdoc is :
  • An accessible product that generate substantial savings, both in business environment and in public entities where users pay only for what they actually consume.
  • A product for collaborative work since it allows, by centralising the management of print, the sharing of the community printing resources fairly.
  • A civic and ecological product that educates and empowers the user to be accountable with regards to their printing choices. This by default has a positive impact not only in the costs saved but by helping to reduce the environmental impact.
  • A universal, multilingual and multi-alphabet product for any user, computer specialist or neophyte, in his own language.


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