Editor of a print management software, the company Doxense has a recognized expertise which ranks it among the leaders in the field of print management. For more than 10 years in the business, communities and administrations? Doxense implemented innovative print management solutions. Growing company of 15 people with strong human values​​, Doxense it is more than 50 partners in France and abroad for more than 200 references in many areas (culture, education, defense, health, services, etc.. ).


Since the beginning of 2018, Doxense has launched an ambitious program of workshops allowing each of its employees to express themselves and build the long-term Vision of the company.

Doxense employees are now defined as Doxmen. In a few words ... The Doxmen:

  • Agree to be major players in the life of the company.
  • Decide and act with maximum autonomy.
  • Challenge and evolve the organisation.
  • Provoke change.
  • Strengthening proposals.

Doxman is not a succession of acts of management, to be Doxman is to accept a certain philosophy of life in the company. Whatever the contribution of the profession, seeing, understanding, targeting, deciding and acting are the five steps of a common process.

The Vision 2030, its objectives, commitments and values, combined with the Doxman philosophy, make Doxense a company with employees committed to providing answers that are always in line with the expectations of its partners and customers.

If you want to join our team and participate in the development of our company, please send us your application and check out our offers.

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