Our Vision

"Let's create a sustainable document intelligence together": This is the vision of Doxense whose main objective is to expand its Large Account business.

    What are the commitments for Doxense?
  • Optimise complete document productivity using all sources and adapting to the constant requirements of technology.
  • Favour the availability and the security of the documents of its customers, by listening to and answering to their real needs and expectations.
  • Facilitate the sales of its partners with a differentiating offer and adapted accompaniments.
  • Create the working conditions in which its employees are strong, exploit all their knowledge and develop their potential.

    What are the goals for Doxense in this vision?

  • Take advantage of his experience, his values.
  • Always differentiate by innovation.
  • Broadly associate all employees in a common, ambitious, long-term approach.
  • Build a positive approach internally and externally.
  • Increase the employability of its employees.

And the values? The three major values of Doxense formulated are: o Involvement o Altruism o Innovation These three values influence the daily actions within the company.


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