Provide a better service quality to improve productivity


Printing costs can increase eexponentially without any controls in place, representing up to 5% of a company's annual turnover! Service quality is not keeping up (breakdowns, delays, productivity, quality...), in reality, these are a series of criticisms that the CIO's (Chief Information Officers) are not used to.
The CIO's who were traditionally responsible for the printers, must now incorporate Multi-function devices that are often acquired by Procurement. Even if the same base technology exists between the world of copiers and printers, it is not necessarily the case from an organisational point of view...
More than 30% of calls to the Hotline are printing related, because of the diversity of the fleet it can complicate matters even more (92% of customers have more than 2 different brands), thereby making the management that more difficult.


Watchdoc: The software to anticipate, monitor and supervise service quality.
A powerful monitoring tool, which through an ergonomic interface allows you to anticipate numerous operating activities.
The reporting and counting (quantitative and qualitative) of each print will give you all the information you will need in the future when the time is right to renew your installed base. Having all this data will make choosing the correct speed, colour or mono very easy and you will be assured you have placed the device in the correct location based on its purpose.
The multi-manufacturer supervision dynamically alerts you in case there is a lack of toner in a device or there are technical problems: Watchdoc is a software which is 100% available to the users.


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