Optimise my company's environmental footprint


According to a recent study (Ipsos 2008), 1 out of 5 printed pages are discarded without being read ...

To produce a ream of 500 sheets of paper, we need: Over 11 kW/h of electricity, 625 litres of water,  wood knowing that a tree contains only 45% of cellulose maximum, the basic material needed for paper production.

Just count 1 tree = 20 reams of 500 sheets.

The forest reforestation reached the astronomical figure of 9 million trees per year (source UN2005), even though the wood-paper production is there...

Printing in the companies is a real opportunity to reduce the ecological footprint. By having a good control of the workflow printing, every company, either private or public, whatever its size, can reduce more than 20% of its CO2 emissions related to the use of paper.


Watchdoc: The software to reduce both the waste of paper and ink.

Used printer cartridges contain many pollutants, such as arsenic, silver nitrate or even cyanide, their incineration is expensive and generates waste that can not be eliminated.
Manufacturers are committed to produce non-polluting cartridges. Although it is clear that currently the problems still remains unsolved, and that the reprocessing and recycling of these increasing volumes of components is still complex.

The impact of paper production on the environment is multifold: Consumption of energy, raw materials such as wood and water, use of adhesives, additives and mineral fillers (talcs, etc.).

Doxense with Watchdoc, helps protecting the environment by developing and implementing a print management software designed to reduce and control the volumes of paper and ink and therefore reduce their wastage.

Watchdoc reduces by over 20% on average, the number of printed pages, and therefore the consumption of paper and ink.

Configure Watchdoc in "User-validation" mode, and only print the really useful documents you want.

In fact, in this mode, when an employee starts printing, it is not carried out immediately.
It is put on hold and the user must validate a second time by selecting the pages that they actually wants to see printed.
The user, has at all times access to view "their own consumption" data!

The interface provides the users the ability to unblock their document and select the pages that they really need. Also because the user is at the centre of the process, Watchdoc informs them their printing activity on a real time basis. Thanks to compehensive communication, it is therefore much easier to alter the usage behaviour, as each one of us now understands the impact of printing.


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