Doxense announces the release of Watchdoc V 5.2 and Focalist next generation

DOXENSE, publisher of Watchdoc© and Focalist©, specialised solutions in the field of print management and optimization, recently announced its alliance with SAGES INFORMATIQUE, publisher of Zeendoc©, a cloud solution for document management, process automation and dematerialization, which will ultimately make the newly created group, a publisher offering a rich range of increasingly innovative software’s.

On February 7th, 2019, Doxense announces the release of Watchdoc V5.2 and Focalist V2 with major innovations to meet the needs of its partners and customers.

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New in Watchdoc

Software editor, DOXENSE is a developer of print management solutions of more than 10 years. The DOXENSE solutions help you reduce your printing expenses while limiting the environmental impact of your business.



Focalist next generation

With Focalist, Doxense meets the needs of its partners and customers, who want to manage with greater ease their IT device assets, particularly in four critical areas:
– an accurate updated inventory in real time of their fleet regardless of the manufacturer,
– detailed reporting of printed volumes with the consolidation of meter readings, to facilitate per page billing,
– Improved availability of printing resources with the monitoring of consumable levels and device operation,
– a management of your contracts for the purchase or sale of your various machines.

A brand-new version of Focalist is released in 2019:
It has been completely redeveloped and therefore offers a completely new ergonomics, more refined reports, but also, and above all, the management of consumables, from alert to delivery. A new feature!

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Better communicate with our partners !

A portal managing our partner relationships…it’s CONNECT !




Modern, intuitive and professionnal,  the CONNECT  portal  is the link between our teams and our partners.

All incidents are managed and centralised within the portal which is also a knowledge base (release notes, installation guides, functional presentations…) and shared workspace with our partners.


  • 1,100 tickets processed in 2018 (+ 44.2% compared to 2017)
  • 331 registered contacts, from 127 organizations
  • 50% of first responses in 1h, 71% in 8h and 83% in 24h
  • 7514 consultations of 109 documents from the knowledge base
  • 92 created posts

The login credentials have been sent to our partners by email. If however, you did not receive it, please do not hesitate to contact our support.




Communiqué de presse Vision 2030 ENG

Communiqué de presse Vision 2030 ENG

For back to school, Doxense presents its Vision 2030!


Since the beginning of 2018, Doxense has launched an ambitious program of workshops allowing each of its employees to express themselves and build the long-term Vision of the company.

For back to school, Doxense presents its Vision 2030!

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Visuel Vision 2030

Our Vision

“Let’s create a sustainable document intelligence together”:
This is the vision of Doxense whose main objective is to expand its Large Account business.

    What are the commitments for Doxense?

  • Optimise complete document productivity using all sources and adapting to the constant requirements of technology.
  • Favour the availability and the security of the documents of its customers, by listening to and answering to their real needs and expectations.
  • Facilitate the sales of its partners with a differentiating offer and adapted accompaniments.
  • Create the working conditions in which its employees are strong, exploit all their knowledge and develop their potential.

    What are the goals for Doxense in this vision?

  • Take advantage of his experience, his values.
  • Always differentiate by innovation.
  • Broadly associate all employees in a common, ambitious, long-term approach.
  • Build a positive approach internally and externally.
  • Increase the employability of its employees.

And the values?
The three major values of Doxense formulated are:

o Involvement
o Altruism
o Innovation

These three values influence the daily actions within the company.


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