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Doxense and Newdoc have signed a partnership agreement !

Lille – May 3rd 2016

DOXENSE, print solution vendor and NEWDOC, independent IT service provider specialising in the management of infrastructures, documents and print solutions, have joined forces.


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DOXENSE, print solution vendor and NEWDOC, independent IT service provider specializing in the management of infrastructures, documents and print solutions, have joined forces.

In order to provide the best response to the digital transition, organisations today owe their success to their reliance on solid service providers offering state-of-the-art technology. Well aware of the stakes, Doxense has been tirelessly developing its partner network in order to rely on the best market players in their respective fields while favouring close ties with clients. With a portfolio of more than 60 partners, Doxense is pleased to add NEWDOC into its network.

“Their technical skills and positioning in reseller and vendor ratings are widely recognised. We are extremely proud of the fact that they have opted for our technology and taken into account the numerous advantages for their clients,” explained Vincent LEMAIRE, Managing Director of DOXENSE.

DOXENSE and NEWDOC are driven by the same client-oriented goals and share the same vision of the market. In order to allow organisations to integrate new digital habits, both of these actors have aligned their strategies to help clients increase their productivity by way of a responsible and environmentally friendly print policy while staying in control of their operating expenses.

Doxense’s expertise and technological innovation combined with NEWDOC’s skills and numerous specialised services provide (and as such, their clients) with access to services that include the monitoring of printing and equipment, optimisation and enhancement of user experience, mobility and security management, among many others, while ensuring that information confidentiality requirements are met.

“I am pleased to have entered into this new partnership. With its service-centered corporate culture, NEWDOC supports its clients in implementing print policies from the birth of the project to its operational phase. This is an innovative positioning in the market and fully independent of clients’ hardware platforms. ”
Vincent LEMAIRE, Managing Director of DOXENSE.


About Newdoc

NEWDOC is an independent IT service provider specialising print solutions and document management. NEWDOC offers customised professional advice to help you expand in the market and manage your client projects. A skills gateway between manufacturers, vendors and you, NEWDOC selects software solutions and then complements with value-added service offerings.

About Doxense

Doxense, vendor dedicated to print solutions, has been present in Europe ever since its creation in
2005. It has just extended its network to the USA, Asia, Middle East and Africa in order to help its clients attain their productivity and feasibility objectives by optimally using their print, photocopy and scanning resources. Its solutions are not dependent on any vendor hardware and enable significant savings regardless of the sector, activity and even the size of the organisation. They increase user awareness and responsibility with regards to the economic and environmental impacts of their printouts. Recent technological agreements with the majority of manufacturers strengthen the objectives of expanding its offerings in growing markets.

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